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Available in various sizes, shapes and weight grades.
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Strongest Chains Available
Hoses for industrial use
Top built gas struts available for any application

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Use our website or give us a call to find the castors, belts, pulley, wheels or gas strut you are looking for.


Huge range of Belts including: Conti-V Synchroflex, Timing Belts, Power Transmission and V Belts

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Large range of castors including: Twin wheel bed castors, ball castors, castors with brakes, castor expanding adaptors.

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Gas struts available in various sizes.

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Many many pulleys including: Taper lock pulleys, aluminium pulleys and wooden pulleys.

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CASTORS  from G & R Industrial Products

Massive assortment of castors suitable for all applications including:

Light, Medium and Heavy Duty, Plate Mount, Bolt Hole, Fixed, Swivel, Brake, Round and Square Adapters, Expanders, Round Thread Tube End, Square Threaded Tube End, Rubber, Polyurethane, Stainless Steel, Rebound Rubber, Cast Iron, Adjustable and many more.




Large range of Trolleys

    Joinable Platform Trolleys
    Foldable Hand Platform Trolleys
    Heavy Duty Trolleys
    Double Handle Platform Trolleys



VIBRA-FELT specialist suppliers of machine base pads!

Isolates and vibrations, impacts and body noise originating in machines from the floor and buildings.

Protects sensitive machines and tools from vibrations in the building.

Protecxts the bearings of the machine by mounting it on anti-vibration mountings.

Saves erection costs because it is simple to use.

Avoids anchor holes in the floor.

Makes it easier to move machine around.




Huge range of Hoses

    Absolute PVC Hose

    Clear vinyl tubing, PVC clear or braided, Blue Airline much more

    Absolute Hose Fittings

    Brass Airline Fittings, Camlock Coupling, Male Tails, Super Clamps

    Absolute Ducting

    Polyurethane Ducting, Concertina Ducting, Canvas Ducting

    Absolutely Anything

    Fire Fighting Kits, Rubber Grommets, Door Stops and more



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